A wide range of footwear that combines elegance, comfort and functionality.

The factory houses five production lines, each dedicated to a product family and with the capacity to finish up to 350 pairs of shoes per day. Novarese offers 13 different production methods for men’s and women’s shoes, with leather or rubber soles – including running and climbing shoes.


Strobel, Strobel Lasting, Ago, Blake, Blake Rapid, Ideal, California, Goodyear, Goodyear Flex, Reverse, Slip lasting, Hand Antiquing and Hand Polishing.


Novarese is also synonymous with excellent technical, logistic and administrative services, guaranteeing precise and prompt payments, punctual deliveries and the utmost confidentiality regarding sensitive data and trade secrets.


This extensive, diversified offering is expertly managed thanks to the efficiency of the company’s industrial engineer, a key figure responsible for planning, drafting department check-lists and quality reports, and balancing production.


Technological development is what drives evolution at Novarese. From the very beginning, the company has always keenly followed developments in automation and mechanization in the footwear industry in Italy and further afield.


The company constantly studies and implements cutting-edge machinery to speed up and hone all its production processes, enabling it to stand as a paragon of functionality and modernity.


During construction of the new premises between 2015 and 2016, the company resolved to make the relocation an opportunity for growth. Adopting the Lean Organization approach was a strategic choice for effective and efficient management of organization, production and logistics.


The organizational set-up first adopted by the automotive industry inspired the drafting of production plans, warehouse management and plant lay-out: a method that is geared towards continuous improvement of all company processes.


A radical, effective review of internal and external procedures: the company eliminated activities that failed to bring added value, merged tasks of a similar nature, and studied management plans for the supply and storage of goods.


This resulted in reduced waiting times for input and selection of materials and for the logistics of outbound orders, all to the benefit of every single customer.

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